TET Riders!

Back Country MC offers free campsite !

My location is not so far from the TET and is just a few kilometers into the Norwegian TET after crossing the border from Sweden. TET Sweden southern slope, ends in a small town called Charlottenberg. Here you have BIG shopping centers where lots of Norwegian are shopping cheap and is the perfect place to fill up food, drinks or whatever before you come to my place and pitch up your tent. It is not the most fancy place, but it is on a smalelr farm that used to be a golf course in the old days, but now converted to agriculture land again except for some bigger «lawns» around the main house / barn and there are place for MANY tents / visitors.

When you arrive on the location, you can just pitch up the tent w/o asking for permission (just find a place between the main house and the barn / smaller workshop building. You cannot miss it. Feel like home and you are free to use:

  • Toilet in the smallest building and fresh drinking water on the wall outside this smaller building.
  • Access to fireplace / BBQ (wood is free). There is this three-legged BBQ «thing» you can put wood in and lit up. Wood should be at the place, but if you cannot find some, then go to the main house (the white one) and knock on the door and present yourself and ask for some wood. My father will help you.
  • Shelter if you need it due to really bad weather. (call my number below or get attention from my parents in the white house to unlock it)
  • Access to workshop with tools (typical farm workshop with carlift, welder, press, etc). Ask for help by knocking on the door on the white house or call me / send sms to the number below.
  • Store your van and trailer for free when you are exploring the TET (we will guard it for you)
  • If you find some printed «instructions» on the toilet building, please follow them, but you will get far with common sense and just leave the spot as you found it. Trash can be put in the bin which is located under / close to the tables / benches which has a roof.
  • For special requests, please email or call me at: +47 9010-eightyeight-fiftyfour. My name is Ole-Christian
  • My parents are retired and live on the farm. My father has his own Transalp he uses now and then and is very interested in morocycles and the best part he can fix about anything in the workshop as long as it doesn´t required special brand type tools.
  • If you are the type who plans your ride very well, remember I can order tires for you ready to be mounted when you pass by. If I am around and have some time, I can even help you wrestling them on. I also take your old tires and dispose them at the right place. The same goes for bike parts, but that must be carefully planned.
  • Everything i possible if you just give me a hint in advance. There have been lot of posts in the TET communities where riders just «hit it» not very well planned. You will in the end run out of tires adn things can happen. It is not easy to plan for everything, but give it some thoughts. I usually have 21 / 18 inch knobby tires on the shelf as I have both a KTM 1290SAR and a KTM 690 Enduro R. Personally I like real knobby style tires like GT723 for the rear and Metzeler Unicross / Mitas E13 type tires for the front. there is a good chance I have them available.

The space / shop is located here, and the TET Norway basically starts (coming from south) in this area: