TET Riders!

Need a place to pitch up your tent?

My location is not so far from the TET and is just a few kilometers into the Norwegian TET after crossing the border from Sweden. TET Sweden southern slope, ends in a small town called Charlottenberg. Here you have BIG shopping centers where lots of Norwegian are shopping cheap and is the perfect place to fill up food, drinks or whatever before you come to my place and pitch up your tent. It is not the most fancy place, but it is on a smaller farm that used to be a golf course in the old days, but now converted to agriculture land again except for some bigger «lawns» around the main house / barn and there are place for MANY tents / visitors. It is probably nicer to pitch up your tent along the TET route, but if you time is limited and its getting dark, this can be an option.

When you arrive on the location, you can just pitch up the tent w/o asking for permission (just find a place between the main house and the barn / smaller workshop building. You cannot miss it. Feel like home and you will find:

  • Toilet and fresh drinking water.
  • Fireplace (firewood should be close to the fireplace. If not, walk up to the big white house and knock the door and present yourself)
  • Access to mechanical workshop if you have some problems. Walk up to the big white house and knock the door. This is my father and he is a skilled wrench and also a motorcycle rider.

Send me a message / email if you choose to pitch up your tent or if you have any questions. Maybe I can drop by and say hello and give some valuable tips for the trip going north.

The space / shop is located here, and the TET Norway basically starts (coming from south) in this area: