TET Riders!



Back Country MC is a TET friendly business.

Beside of the commercial part which is offering GiantLoop products, we provide the following services for free / non-profit base:

  • Tenting on grass, toilets and fresh drinking water.
  • Access to fireplace / BBQ (wood is free)
  • Shelter if you need it due to really bad weather. (call number on sign to get the shelter unlocked)
  • Access to workshop with tools (typical farm workshop with carlift and welder, press, etc)
  • Store your van and trailer for free when you are exploring the TET (we will guard it for you)
  • Order tires from Delticom group and get them delivered to us, or we can order for you. Non-profit based and you will see the receipt. We can also help you change your tires as we have different manual tire-changers and acessories.
  • The locations / space has signs with instructions for TET riders so it can be used anytime by anybody (follow printed instructions put up on walls)
  • The services are based on a «donate to TET community what you feel» (own box is marked and set up). In the end of the season all donations will be transferred to the TET community / organisation to keep it living.
  • For special requests, please email us or call the owner at: +47 9010-eightyeight-fiftyfour. Owner name is Ole-Christian

The space / shop is located here, and the TET Norway basically starts at this point: