SKF Dual Compund – gaffeltetninger og skraperinger – 48mm WP


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Kommer i et sett med en stk skravering og en stk gaffeltetning. Du må kjøpe TO slike sett for å ha til to stk gafler.

Completely redesigned featuring exciting new technology adding to SKF, well established fork seal products introduced over 10 years ago, consists of two newly developed rubber compounds and new geometries for both the scraper lip and the sealing lip. The molded combination of compounds, together with improved sealing lip properties, offers enhanced followability on the fork tube for reduced friction and increased service life. There is an all new metal insert and a self-cleaning open wound spring on the dirt scraper lip, effectively preventing contamination of the seal. Benefits of the dual compound fork seals are:

  • Extended sealing capability
  • Improved contamination exclusion
  • Reliable protection of the interior fork mechanism
  • Minimum friction for enhanced vehicle control and performance