TET Riders / Camping

Rules / instructions for camping on my place:

  • You can camp ANYWHERE on the green areas / grass. If weather is terrible, then feel free to move the benches under roof and pitch up your tent under the roof. You can also park the bikes there, if the rain is awful. Just put the benches back when you leave.
  • Camping is free. If you INSIST to leave some money, then Norwegian VIPPS is the only way. Then you must grab a Norwegian and pay them and ask them kindly to VIPPS NOK50 to number 90108854. (It is approx Eur5, USD5, SEK50)
  • You can use toilet in the small house. Next to small house is a shower with hot water. Its outside, but it has a roof and it works great! On the other side of the house, there is a small sink for for cleaning «stuff». Only cold water there. All water is drinking water and its very clean / good quality (as most water in Norway)
  • There is pressure washer you can use. Go inside small house and flip the electrical switch on the wall next to the 300 liter hot water boiler. Just to be sure the fuse isn’t blowing. Go on the backside of the small house and turn the RED big handle. This opens water. Start pressure washer and clean your bike / gear. Do not forget to close the RED handle, turn off power on pressure washer and RELEASE the pressure. Then go inside and flip the switch to turn on the water boiler again. Use common sense, and the next guest will also have hot water in the shower. Please wash your bike / gear on the gras area between the two cement / concrete rings next to the sink.
  • If the Toyota Landcruiser is present in the red garage beside the White House above the site, my father is home and he is very helpful and can fix most things. He can open the workshop and he has welders of all kind and trained mechanic. Most things can be fixed. Just ask him, anytime!
  • There is a campfire / arrangement and my parents can arrange wood. If its not there, the the risk of fire is too great (dry summer). But ask in the main white house for both wood and the portable campfire «thingy».
  • Leave the site in a condition you want to get there, then everyone is happy. There is a bin under the roof where the benches are. Happy trip!
  • The place / site is located here: https://goo.gl/maps/jrK6LhfKataBwGxc9